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when it comes down to it....

I really enjoy what I do.

I’ve always loved movies, television and stories. From the time I watched the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday evenings, when we had this thing called a “dial” on the TV, I wanted to work in entertainment and this passion has guided my life.  Commercials have always been a big part of my passion, impressed by the ability to catch someone’s attention and tell a message in 30 seconds.

I’ve always loved music as well.  I find my years of being a drummer have paid off in the way I approach all my work.  Not only an ability to edit with a sense of pacing cuts to tempo, but in leading multi-camera productions and know when to stay on chart and when to improvise.

Along my journey, I’ve had the opportunity to work with great mentors like Mr. Fowler, Ralph, Dave and Sean.  Folks who’ve taught, encouraged and helped me along the way and for whom I reflect their theory, professionalism and respect for the craft of production and storytelling.

I come from the school where a director should know everyone’s job to best communicate the vision with understanding and what’s possible, to speak with understanding and to appreciate the many crafts at work to accomplish a project.

The greatest part of my work is the opportunity to encourage my teams.  I enjoy bringing the best out of people with a synergistic  approach to projects. We can raise the bar while sharing great stories, and I believe that a motivated and exited crew bring an inherent value to each project and everything in life.

Russ T. Gee